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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

The months of infancy are precious to parents and to the staff at Something Spunky childcare. The infant program provides a warm, nurturing environment for your baby. Light, Color, and Music fill our infant room creating a soothing environment. Special care is taken to understand your baby's needs and schedule. The caregivers in our infant room monitor and respond to the individual and changing needs of each child. 


Toddlerhood is a time of joy, wonder, and developing independence. The Spunky Toddler curriculum stimulates both the motor and cognitive skills that develop as they learn and play. Monthly themes and daily activities are tailored to meet the developing needs and interests of this age group. Self-help skills and early learning activities are key ingredients of each toddlers day.

The Preschool years are a time of discovery and imagination. The Pre-school curriculum focuses on socialization, reading and math readiness, and creative development. Art projects, dress up days and musical instruments are all part of the fun. The graduates of Something Spunky are well prepared for the kindergarten experience.


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